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September 30, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

Seventh Annual Tournament of the Saber - Round One Results


Here are the results of the first round of the Tournament of the Saber with judges Bane Nathos, Ryori Halloway, and KypZethDurron. Also judging were Artemis Obauldi and Ket Limelight. Enjoy!

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September 29, 2011 @ 8:18 pm

Voices of Star Wars: James Arnold Taylor


We welcome voice actor James Arnold Taylor to the Podcast as he answers questions, as asked by the members of The Gungan Council and communities. We are very grateful for the presence of Mr. Taylor on the podcast and encourage you to learn more about him and become a fan of his work as we are.

To learn more about James Arnold Taylor and his work check out his official website at: or his facebook at:!/pages/James-Arnold-Taylor/55377877783

To see samples of his work check out the videos below from his Galaxy of Voices Show from the Disneyworld Resort (Star Wars Weekends) and his short film named The Audition

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September 23, 2011 @ 9:07 am

Episode 10: The Lion King Strikes Back


Hosts: Bane Nathos and Ket Limelight

Guests: Artemis Obauldi, Ryori Halloway, Mason England

Synopsis: The team discusses the return of Reading Rainbow and the Lion King into our lives. This gets us into our discussion about the Star Wars Blu Rays and events on TGC. In the Spotlight we continue our discussion on the films, this time on Empire Strikes Back and of course Billy Dee Williams as Lando.

We hope you enjoy the show and tune in next time on October 7 for our discussion on Return of the Jedi and of course the goings on on The Gungan Council. May the force be with you!

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September 10, 2011 @ 10:14 pm

Episode 9: Heroes of Might and oooh Shiny


Director: Ket Limelight

Additional Material By: Sophie Maurow

Also Featuring: Chaos Maxtor, Anubis Starkiller, and Bane Nathos

Synopsis: Under Ket’s direction the podcast team is joined by Chaos Maxtor who upon request shares with us his recent heroic exploits, part of which is the cause of his recent LOA. Also delving into TGC News, the team focuses on the current Tournament of the Saber and their excitement about the future special episode where they will get to judge the tourney. Continuing their discussion on for the upcoming Blu Ray release of the Star Wars Saga, Sophie interviews Anubis Starkiller and the team goes over the changes and bonus features for the New Hope release and their thoughts, feelings, and memories on the different aspects of the film, their discussion questions created by Sophie Maurow.

We hope you enjoy the show and will tune in again next time on September 23, 2011, for our discussion on Empire Strikes Back and our thoughts on the Blu Ray release Friday, September 16.

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September 3, 2011 @ 12:59 am

Bombad Radio Presents: A Look into Bane’s Mind


There are things I have tried to do overtime, sometimes I succeed sometimes I fail but being a stubborn one, I tend to be persistent to the point of insanity. This is one such example of that insanity. I had a dream once, upon waking I wrote it down. This dream was so crazy, so real that I decided to try to capture that dream, a look into that part of my mind as part of the podcast. To do this I required the help of a lot of people. People such as Spencer Jacobs, Mak Manto, Ket Limelight, Ryori Halloway, my roomate Chris Lowry, and best friend Donald Samon (JanusthePaladin on TGC). I also had to learn how to pad my room for recording, capture sound effects, and live with roommates at the same time. This episode is a look into my psyche, as scary or strange as it may be and represents my personal feelings towards the podcast, and a victory. I wanted to see if this sort of thing was even possible. Even before script and coherent order, I wanted to know if what I have created here would be able to be put to the podcast. Having grown up with radio dramas, I wanted to create one, but lacking the appropriate connections and fearing backlash and failure, I decided to take it upon myself to do this. As you see, it is not a TGC Podcast Episode or even a special episode. As the host of the site, I decided instead to use the Bombad Radio Moniker, as that is what all these shows fit under. So without any further delay, I nervously present to you, a look into my mind as I Bane... traversed the Matrix.

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