Dec 25: Bombad Radio's Star Wars Audiodramas return with the newest feature Mission to Balmorra featuring the return of Alliance Intelligence Agent Dominique England as she goes on a mission with the newly christened Jedi Knight Palestar to protect Allistair Reagan the future Prime Minister of the Sovreign Planet of Balmorra! But many dangers lie await for them on this world where Sith and Jedi have fought over for a millenia and perhaps some that an Agents wit and Jedi's blade may not be able to overcome.

Bombad Radio's Mission to Balmorra was written and directed by Jeremiah Stewart and featured the voice talents of:

Christie Poetoehena as Dominique England
Robin Neely as the Jedi Palestar or Caiden Shaw
Ian Allen as Dominiques AI
Christine Carr as the Server Droid
Erik Montague as Serran 
Laine Wagner as Shira
Jason Rose as Jedi Master Kyp
Quentin Lee as Alistair Reagan
Jeff McGee as Quin Vil
Donald Salmon as the Medical Droid
Rich Capitan as Malice Draclau
and Kyle Koostra as the Duros Guards

This program was cast and edited by Jeremiah Stewart with Advise and Suggestions by Ben Harris. 

The music belongs to the respective copyright holders, no infringement intended.

The banner was done by Kyle Koostra of Long Shot Reviews.

Bombad Radio can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/BombadRadio, Twitter @BombadRadio, and www.bombadradio.com. 

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