March 21: Today marks the release of the sequel to the venture which started last November with the release of Zillo Rising, the first ever radio play produced by Bombad Radio. The story of Zillo Rising is continuing with Zillo Requiem and as with the first it is a demonstration of our very own version of Star Wars, influenced heavily by many hours and years role-playing at message board roleplaying sites such as The Gungan Council, where many of the characters and situations heard within, were created or influenced from.

Written by Jeremiah Stewart with revisions by, new (to the podcast) writer Jenha Brightstar and cast member Ben Harris, Zillo Requiem starts off exactly where Zillo Rising ends and continues the story of various characters from the first adding in more. The story takes place roughly in the time after the Alliance has retaken Coruscant and references are made to Star Wars: The Clone Wars but as rules of messageboard roleplaying at communities such as The Gungan Council state "the timeline is fluid", this is meant to be timeless and not meant to be taken in any specific era of time.

Zillo Requiem returns the cast of Zillo Rising including: Ben Harris, Kae Hartman, Kelsee Larsen, Luke Gallagher, Christie Poetoehena, Zach Johnson, Robbie Gorman, and Jason Rose as their respective characters. Being added to the show for Requiem are the voice talents of Henry Hartman, Dave Dayoe, Adam Poncharoensub, Mary Plante, Andrew Kirk, Mak Manto, and Vince DeFelippo. Editing, sound mixing, and directing was done by Jeremiah Stewart with aid from Ben Harris. The post and art was done by Mixie Trehane.

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