Nov 8: Today marks the release of a venture that has bee months if not years in the making. Zillo Rising marks the first ever Radio Play produced by Bombad Radio in its 3+ years of existence and marks a new chapter in the podcast's life and a demonstration of their version of Star Wars. 

Written by James Graves and Bombad Host Jeremiah Stewart, Zillo Rising is written in the style and point of view of Star Wars message board roleplaying. The story takes place roughly in a time after the Alliance has retaken Coruscant and references events from Star Wars: The Clone Wars but as the rules of message board communities such as The Gungan Council state "the timeline is fluid", a move so that someone can jump in and roleplay in pretty much any era one wants, this tale is meant to be timeless and not meant to be taken place in any specific era or time. 

Zillo Rising features a cast and crew entirely of amateur talent. The cast includes Ben Harris, Kae Hartman, Kelsee Larsen, Luke Gallagher, Christie Poetoehena, Zach Johnson, Robbie Gorman, Jason Rose, James Graves, James Schron, Henry Barnhart, Stephen Parker, and Jeremiah Stewart, all of which are Bombadiers, or Bombad Radio listeners. Editing, sound mixing, writing, and directing was also done by amateurs, Jeremiah Stewart and James Graves, doing this for the first time. 

Bombad Radio can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/BombadRadio, Twitter @BombadRadio, www.bombadradio.com, http://www.stitcher.com, and http://itunes.apple.com/


Bombad Radio is a podcast dedicated to celebrating fandoms of all types. Hosts Jeremiah and James began Bombad Radio three years ago and have enjoyed wonderful guests and fans since.  

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