Bombad Radio’s Original Star Wars Audio Drama Series – Episode 5: Fates Entwined

Our pair of heroes have left Balmorra after saving the life of its new Chief of State Allistair Regan. Now they find themselves on Ord Mantell to obtain information from the Information Broker, Kassey Draclau that will help them unravel the mystery of the Order of Jedi and Sith hating fanatics. As our heroes prepare to talk to the powerful Kassey Draclau, someone else is already there…

This episode featured the voice talents of:

Mary Plante as Kassey Draclau

Jeff McGee as Quin Vil

Kyle Koostra as the Draclau Aid and Ord Mantel Sgt

Robin Neely as Jedi Knight Caiden Palestar

Christie Poetoehena as Dominique England or Alora

Erik Montague as Sith Twin Serrran

Laine Wagner as Sith Twin Shira

Joe Mignano as Sith Master England

Ian Allen as Dominique England’s AI

Jeremiah Stewart as Police Officer

Zachary Johnson as General Ivan Disra

Benjamin Harris as Lt. Eron Veer

This project was produced, directed, edited, and written by Jeremiah Stewart with suggestions and revisions by Benjamin Harris.

Bombad Radio does not claim ownership of music, sound effects, or names of Star Wars References – no copyright infringement is intended.

For the next episode, stayed tuned next week as the adventure continues in Echoes of the Past!

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