Bombad Radio's Original Star Wars Audio-Drama Series: Episode 6 - Echoes of the Past

Agent Dominique England and her partner the Jedi Knight Palestar are on Ord Mantell when a Corvette is suddenly attacked by the Sith Empire. Amid the wreckage they find their friend from Balmorra, Quin Vil, bodyguard to the leader Alistair Reagan. As the Sith Empire takes over the planet searching for him. Our heroes try to figure out their next move as they seek to stabilize the injured Duros warrior…

Voices for this episode include:

Christie Poetoehena as Dominique England

Robin Neely as Jedi Knight Caiden Palestar

Jeff McGee as Quin Vil

Erik Montague as Sith Twin Serran

Laine Wagner as Sith Twin Shira

Zachary Johnson as General Ivan Disra

Jeremiah Stewart and Robert Arnold as Stormtroopers

And Joe Mignano as Sith Master England

Echoes of the Past was written edited, directed, and produced by Jeremiah Stewart.

This has been a Bombad Radio Production. Music and sound effects belong to their respective copyright holders, no infringement intended. Stay tuned for the next installment of our original Star Wars Audio Drama series with ESCAPE FROM ORD MANTELL… coming soon.

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