Episode 8: Perils of Hoth

After successfully escaping their Imperial hunters on Ord Mantell, Jedi Knight Palestar, Agent Dominique England and Jedi Eden Tam find themselves stranded on the frozen wastelands of Hoth

Voices for this episode include:

Christie Poetoehena as Dominique England

Robin Neely as Jedi Knight Caiden Palestar

Kaela Hartman as Eden Tam

Zachary Johnson as General Ivan Disra

Benjamin Harris as Shiak

D. Tyler Fultz as Mak-Tan

Hunter Mize as the A.I.

and Jeremiah Stewart as the Sergeant

Perils of Hoth was written edited, directed, and produced by Jeremiah Stewart.

This has been a Bombad Radio Production. Music and sound effects belong to their respective copyright holders, no infringement intended. Stay tuned for the next installment of our original Star Wars Audio Drama series with DETONATION… coming soon.

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