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May 10, 2014 @ 6:03 am

Episode 147: Mass Effect Returns and ever wanted to play Jeopardy like Arthur Chu?



Hosts: Jeremiah and Kelsee
Spotlight Guest: Arthur Chu
Synopsis: Kelsee returns to Bombad Radio after a long time away to discuss Mass Effect and Bombad Radio's NEWEST Affiliate Mass Effect Galaxy. We talk about the influence and effect of Mass Effect guests on the history of Bombad Radio and our future regarding the franchise and other Bioware titles. Then we have #3 all-time Jeopardy winner Arthur Chu on the show to discuss his experience with Jeopordy what it was like becoming infamous and a celebrity at the same time, how to deal with fame, and other interesting stories. Also stay tuned AFTER for what is coming up for Bombad Radio/
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