Host: Jeremiah

Guest Host: Alain Bloch (Golden Gate Knights)
Synopsis: Its Tuesday so another panel to be posted and discussed. This time its Nick Gillard, one I was extremely excited to attend. Nick is the stunt coordinator and choreographer for many films but is most famous for the Star Wars Prequels and his lightsaber choreography. Brian Young of Full of Sith moderates the panel as he goes over his career in stunt work, his influences for the Star Wars Prequels and gives us some great behind the scenes looks. Joining me to discuss the panel is Alain Bloch, member and founder of the lightsaber training group the Golden Gate Knights (long time show affiliate). Together we go over our thoughts on Nick and his influence, the future of Episode 7 and more.
Curious about the Golden Gate Knights? Learn more about their organization or join them HERE
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