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August 23, 2014 @ 9:49 am

Episode 163: Sci-Fi ‘Nobility’ and Star Wars greatness with E.J. De La Pena and Cas Anvar - Remember the Creed!

Episode 163 is here  after our little break! This episode we feature the upcoming science fiction series 'Nobility' by having its producer and founder. E.J. De La Pena on (who also was co-star with Jake Lloyd back in Jingle all the Way). After talking science fiction and other great projects and his work on Nobility we have Cas Anvar who joins us from the set of Olympus the upcoming Syfy Channel series (that sounds great). Cas talks about a variety of projects from working on Clone Wars to Assassins Creed to conventions. He also talks about being in award winning films such as Shattered Glass (with Hayden Christensen) and Argo (Academy Award winning film). 

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