Episode 189 has many guests but we start by discussing the death of Sci-Fi legend Leonard Nimoy who passed away Friday morning. Then we have our first guests with Gabe of Human Comics returning to the show for the 3rd time and this time the artist of issues 1 & 2 of the series Ryan Merrill joins us and discusses the art creation side and what to expect in the future from them. Then we pause and give a shout out to my friends at the Media Meltdown Mousecast, a podcast which has been giving me strange dreams and gotten me sleep talking Disneyland trips (its THAT good). Then we move into Darren Hayes (lead singer of Savage Garden) and comedian/podcaster (Tim Stanton) the hosts of the brand new comedy podcast the "He said He said Podcast" and we get to hear their stories, how they met, why podcast, and quite a bit about their Star Wars fandom as we talk about the new films, Darren 'auditioning' for Revenge of the Sith and more!

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