Actor, Author, Voice Over Artist - Darren Jacobs joins us to talk his book series Anumal Empire and the struggles writing such a series and how he gets his muse. Hear us talk about using music to help us write and more. Then we talk about his acting career, working with Doug Jones, Cas Anvar etc in Nobility and even a Star Wars tale or two with Brian Blessed. Also listen in for a fun sneak peek at next week's episode and an edition of Bombad Musings as we talk about other series with animal protagonists such as Narnia (the newest film has been announced by Sony aka The Silver Chair) and the Brian Jacques classic series Redwall, its TV show, and the hope for a film. 

Want to know about writing? Self publishing? A good read on kindle? Or perhaps work with a great webseries (Nobility), voice acting, and even some Star Wars stories? Then Episode 246 is for you! Interested in purchasing Anumal Empire? Check out the links below!

Anumal Empire on Goodreads

Anumal Empire on Amazon

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