Star Trek Celebrates its 50th Year and we Celebrate by talking Star Trek itself, Star Trek Discovery, the newest film Star Trek Beyond and bring in author John Jackson Miller to talk his Star Trek Prey TRILOGY set to be released this month and every month after!

Notes: James, Jason, and Jeremiah start talking about their thoughts on Star Trek Discovery, their hopes and frustrations for the series and then talk a bit about the films in general. Then author John Jackson Miller joins in as they talk about Star Trek Beyond. Does it connect to Mass Effect? What is the future of the franchise and Star Trek 4 going to be? 

Then we all dive into the upcoming trilogy of books Star Trek Prey that come out every month from September - November and tells a tale that spans from the aftermath of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock to the days after Star Trek Nemesis. 

Its a big celebration of Star Trek's 50th Birthday! Come join us!
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