Join us and Jesse Harlin (composer also of Mafia 3) as we talk about the music of Star Wars: The Old Republic and listen to the new themes for the game. In this episode we celebrate 250 episodes on the air by discussing Star Wars beginning with the upcoming Timothy Zahn novel Thrawn as well as the special effects of The Force Awakens! 

Hosts: James, Jason, Jeremiah
Guest: The guest is award winning composer Jesse Harlin, formerly of LucasArts as we talk about his work on the hit Bioware MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic especially in the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Empire expansions. 


Recently Jesse Harlin also did the music for Hanger 13's Mafia 3 and got his first soundtrack release, available in stores now such as Amazon and iTunes

250 Episodes is a big milestone. Over that time we've had almost a million downloads on all platforms and several shows that have come and gone and several more still going strong such as Musical Procrastination and Steven and Stephen on Steven. Its hard to see that show that started with James, Soapee, and I began as a Star Wars Roleplaying Podcast and has morphed into this, a show that has had more voice actors than any other show out there, over 50 authors, and professionals from all over the industry and showing no signs of slowing. It has been an honor and a blast to steer Bombad Radio through 250 episodes and I look forward to the seas which lay beyond this milestone!
 - Jeremiah

250 Episodes. 5 Years of Bombad Radio. Time flies, that's for sure! Never thought it would get to this point, honestly. Now we aren't one of the biggest podcasts even if we have been around for a while, but truthfully, we have our own little core of listeners, and I for one am grateful for that. I remember when we first started this show, and it's morphed into something so much different than what we had originally planned. Honestly, who thought a podcast that was basically a sort of news and jokes type show for a Star Wars RP message board would have evolved into what it's become? We've had some really awesome guests over the years, from lesser known up and comers to incredibly well known writers, and damn near everything inbetween. Jeremiah and myself have been through all sorts of stuff in life these past few years, and I honestly wondered if we were gonna keep going. Lord knows there was one or two times I thought "Well, it was fun while it lasted." yet, here we are, still motoring on down the highway. It's been a blast for me so far, and I've got to talk to some really cool people like Jon St. John of Duke Nukem, and Damien Clarke from DBZ and the Borderlands games. I've talked to Timothy Zahn, which blew my mind, and Stephen Stanton, which was amazingly cool for me on a personal level. Sure, I know I'm kind of loud and obnoxious, heh, but I can't help it! I love doing this show, It's super fun and I kind of "Fan Boy" a bit. Either way, I feel very blessed to have been allowed to share the ride with Jeremiah, but he's always been the real backbone of the show. He works his butt off to make it what it is, and I consider it a privilege to be able to do this with him. Bombad Radio, one wild ride! Here's to another 5 years and 250 episodes. I wonder what'll happen next, but for now, all I can say is this; May the Force be With You! 

- James


Five years ago some guys on a message board decided to get into podcasting. It was a fun little show, mostly about star wars role-playing, filled with inside jokes for those who were part of the community. But then, after a few months, something happened. That little show got its first celebrity guest - legendary voice actor James Arnold Taylor. Before long celebrity guests became a fixture, and eventually the focus of the show. And while the interviews became more in depth, more thought provoking, so too improved the show editing and sound quality. By the show's fourth year it was regularly a top ten ranked podcast, and even received awards nominations for its original content. That show was of course Bombad Radio. After 5 years, 250 episodes, and countless special releases, Bombad Radio shows no signs of stopping. Thank god for that.... Bombad Radio is the only show I never miss.

Congratulations on five great years. I can't wait to hear what comes next.


Well over a decade ago I made new friends and family when joining a Star Wars discussion and role-playing forum, where banter was welcome and fun was encouraged. This community grew to the point where it spanned multiple groups and had weekly events and regular updates. One big family - but too big for everyone to know what everyone else was doing. 

Amazingly, Jeremiah put the work in when nobody else would - something that could be said about Jezza every day of his life - and set up a podcast with a few reliable and unreliable helpers to share news and provide a new medium for content. 

Most of us thought it was likely to last a few weeks and die out. We underestimated Jeremiah's tenacity and capability.

My favorite moment for explaining the excitement and activity and buzz of that era was when Bombad hosted a live podcast for the annual awards. We had 20 people live on the show, banter for HOURS on the chat channel in concert with it, and it was incredible. At the end of the show, Bane (Jeremiah) told everyone that he had an incredible guest lined up for the next few episodes... And we were all stunned by just how big that guest was.

Five years after it started, and 250 full episodes in, nobody is surprised anymore. Every week, every month, there is a great guest. Some of them have done almost no other interviews. Some of them have spawned news stories and thousands of downloads. Almost every single one of them has been due to Jeremiah and his hard work. Without him the rest of us would not have picked up the slack and the podcast would have been over.

The show/channel has changed a lot over the years, expanded to include other shows and include almost any content imaginable. Award winning radio dramas, writing competitions, exclusive convention panels... You name it. 

Bombad will continue to innovate, to change and move forward and be a home for fun and laughter and insanity. Guests will continue to be great.

Usually we look forward, only think about what's next on the job list, planning the next series of episodes (or interview or guest or spin-off show). Every now and again it is important to stop, look back, and reflect about where we have come from and the journey we have been on. Because, when all is said and done, the journey has been incredible and amazing to be a part of.

With special thanks - as you can guess - to the man who made it all happen... but also to the many others who made it possible, who co-hosted and guest starred and helped behind the scenes... and, of course, to the listeners who are still here after all these years!! It has been so blessing to be a part of this and you guys make the hard work worth it for all of us - Jeremiah most of all.

- Jason
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