Rogue One is out and to celebrate and NOT spoil anyone, we have an interview with author William C. Dietz who wrote the original tale (or at least one of them) about obtaining the Death Star Plans now overed in canon with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Hear us talk about his Star Wars: Dark Forces Trilogy introducing fan favorite Kyle Katarn, as well as his other books from Mass Effect: Deception, Starcraft: Heavens Devils, his work with Halo, and other tie-ins as well as writing for Video Games (some based on his own books) and of course check out his newest novel Into the Guns, available everywhere books are sold!

Joining Jeremiah on this episode is Jacob Tender of the Bantha Fodder Podcast found at http://banthafodder.fm/. Also you can check out more about our guest, William C. Dietz at his official website found at http://williamcdietz.com/

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