Hosts: Bane Nathos & Ket Limelight
Guest Host: Sean Damon

The New Republic Admins, SWAG 77 (Josh and Gina), Trey Stokes of Pink Five Saga, Alex Fish of Retro Star Wars, and Greg of Celebration Worship

Celebration VI is past approaching so the Bombad Radio Team with guests galore, go over what is to be expected, some of the panels, fans etc. We go into fansites, collectibles, fanfilms, kickstarters, special events, and much much more that will be taking place at Star Wars Celebration VI!

Celebration Worhship:
The New Republic: https://www.facebook.com/SWTheNewRepublic

SWAG77: https://www.facebook.com/IGOTSWAG77

Retro Star Wars:

Pink Five Saga: http://www.pinkfive.com/

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