Director: Ket Limelight

Additional Material By: Sophie Maurow

Also Featuring: Chaos Maxtor, Anubis Starkiller, and Bane Nathos

Synopsis: Under Ket’s direction the podcast team is joined by Chaos Maxtor who upon request shares with us his recent heroic exploits, part of which is the cause of his recent LOA. Also delving into TGC News, the team focuses on the current Tournament of the Saber and their excitement about the future special episode where they will get to judge the tourney. Continuing their discussion on for the upcoming Blu Ray release of the Star Wars Saga, Sophie interviews Anubis Starkiller and the team goes over the changes and bonus features for the New Hope release and their thoughts, feelings, and memories on the different aspects of the film, their discussion questions created by Sophie Maurow.

We hope you enjoy the show and will tune in again next time on September 23, 2011, for our discussion on Empire Strikes Back and our thoughts on the Blu Ray release Friday, September 16.

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