Hosts: James and Jeremiah
Guests: John and Brenda Romero (SLC Comic Con) & David W. Collins

Synopsis: James and I go over the recent video game news about the XBox-One, PS4, and even some future games and attachments. Of course we plug our sponsors audible AND Amazon (support us by clicking the amazon link below to make your purchases) and then we have a panel from SLC Comic-Con about "The Next Future Distruption in Video Games" featuring John and Brenda Romero - founders of Id creators of Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, Commander Keen etc where they talk about the rise and fall of the "free-to-play" market and what is coming next in video gaming. Then last but definitely not least we have David W. Collins, sound manager for Sony, who has worked on The Last of Us and many other Sony titles and who previously was a Sound Director for LucasArts who worked on every game from Star Wars Demolition to Republic Commando, to The Force Unleashed series.

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