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March 9, 2017 @ 10:09 pm

Essential Bombad Radio #10: Marvel, Nintendo, and Journalism OH MY!



Essential Bombad Radio #10 - Hosted by Travis Hymas and Jeremiah Stewart

In this episode of Essential Bombad Radio we discuss the following: 

- Game Critic Jim Sterling sued by game developer for doing game journalism, suit dropped.

- Logan aftermath, what *should* happen next?

- Guardians 2 full trailer hype! (Also, did I see the Infinity War logo online?)

- Two open world games set in post-apocalyptic worlds filled with machine creatures - Horizon and Zelda

- Switch launch successes and failures.

- Secret Empire controversy, HYDRA Magneto variant cover.

- Star Wars Rebels season 4 confirmed!

- Travis’ recommendation: All-Star Batman (Rebirth)

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