Bombad Radio: Geeks and Legends Presents

Essential Bombad Radio #19 - Tons of Superhero News!

Essential Bombad #19 features Jeremiah and Travis with guest host James as we discuss:

  • Spider-Man Talk

    1. How is the new film?
    2. Spin-offs Venom, Black-Cat and Silver Sable, Mysterio, Kraven etc
    3. Spider-Man what if theory - http://www.screengeek.net/2016/05/26/what-if-andrew-garfield-returned-for-sonys-venom-movie/
  • RIP Joan Lee Age 93
  • Does Incredibles 2 Artwork get you more excited for the film?
    1. http://screenrant.com/incredibles-2-d23-concept-art/
  • Castlevania is out on Netflix – Thoughts?
  • Forces of Destiny – Episodes of all types are out?
  • Rupert Wyatt Reportedly up for Green Lantern – Goyer to Write
  • WB and Tolkien Estate settle ANOTHER Lawsuit
    1. Is this why Shadow of War was delayed from August to October?
  • Pokemon Go has an anniversary, gets final features. What is the future of the title?


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