Hosts: James and Jeremiah 

 Guests: Gene, Shane, and Jeremy of The Nerds and Beer Podcast (https://www.facebook.com/NerdsandBeer?fref=ts), Santeria of The Witches of Dathomir (http://witchesofdathomir.yuku.com/

  Spotlight Guest: Jon St. John (http://jsjprod.com/)

Synopsis: Its our annual NOT SAFE FOR WORK episode! Starting off we have the hosts of the Nerds and Beer podcast talking with us about the fall of Lucasarts, our memories of the company and whatever tangents we get on. Then Jon St. John, Duke Nukem himself, returns to the podcast for another bout of awesome. Then last in the "Get to Know Your Bombadier" segment, Santeria Decuir returns to be highlighted. Enjoy the show... WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT!

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