Help us Bombadiers!

Help us Bombadiers, you're our only hope!

On January 1, 2016 our bill is due for another year of Bombad Radio hosting! For the past 4 years most of what has been done here has come out of my own pocket with costs ranging from 100-200$ a year for hosting as well as additional costs for recording equipment, cons etc.

Podbean has several hosting plans available, the minimum that I need to pay for to maintain the current level of Bombad Radio, including hosting our side shows Steven and Stephen on Steven and Musical Procrastination, Radio Dramas etc is the $8 a month unlimited audio plan (that is the minimum). Additional funding would give us more options from video hosting (especially for convention footage etc) and additional or higher qualify shows and stories.

As longtime listeners know there have been ads for Amazon and Audible on our network for quite a while and this month especially I will be making sure the ads appear on our published shows as the funding is  needed. As a father of one (soon two) with a not high paying job, paying the costs of podcasting can be tough, especially this last year or two but I will do it if necessary because Bombad Radio is my hobbie and I love providing the content for you all but if it is at all possible I'd love the support via the Amazon link below or Audible. For each audible trial that is signed up for we get $15 (and you get amazing audio content which will be yours forever even if you do not stay with them). For every sale on Amazon via our link we get a %. It is not very high but we get something and you get good deals especially this holiday season when Amazon will be having sales repeatedly as we near Christmas and New Years!

The other option which others have done is our paypal link. Sometimes some of you do not want a product or service like Amazon and Audible but are willing to donate to the show. The donation goes to paypal which is used to pay the bill directly. If you would be so kind any donation helps!

If you love the content we provide from voice actors to composers from authors to convention panels I'd appreciate your support as it will make continuing this show all the more possible and not just my show by Lee's Musical Procrastination which this year has had interviews with legendary composers from Alan Silvestri to Bear McCreary and also the two Steven's doing their show about Steven Spielberg (Steven and Stephen on Steven) as they go through his legendary filmography!

Any help will do and I will be thanking you personally (if through paypal etc) and do what I can to make sure Bombad Radio is the best network it can be!

- Jeremiah

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